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Tuesday, 6-May-2008 03:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Munira an Ben

Ben's first Raya on ship
Hari Raya pix
I sense something's not right with these write ups. I wrote something and some earlier pix which did not show up earlier when they were supposed to came up. So now I had to change the text.

Munira and Ben differ by slightly over six years and that's quite obvious in the pix of the two together. Well, will show more pix at another time when I am 'back on track'!

Friday, 2-May-2008 17:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Such an entertainment! Robert Downey Jr has come a long way from Ally McBeal's days. Oh and I love those eyes. The iron suit looked very neat! It helps that I never read anything about ironman and having no expectation of the film, I found it very funny at times and there was some suspense here and there. Unfortunately Along, not realising that Ben has not gone sailing yet, booked only six tickets, and Munira chose to back out to accomodate us. Part of the tickets were even paid for by Munira.

Monday, 28-Apr-2008 15:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Of Dustbins etc

I threw the paper into the bin after photo taken
Another design
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I cant help noticing the various types of dustbins placed along the jogging tracks at Tasik Shah Alam. Of course sometimes it's so near but the arm just cant aim well enough, and so the rubbish stays next to the dustbin instead of inside the dustbin!

During the past two decades I have not had many dust bins. The one I acquired in 1985 from near the then Klang market cost me a hefty RM 35! But it was so hardy! Made of very strong and hard plastic. It moved with me from Sect 10 S Alam ( few months), to a short stint at sek 6 S Alam (few months), then the Gov quarters at Jln Hose Kl ( 3 years) and subsequently to Subang Jaya ( 13 years). During it's soujourn in KL it was 'hit' many times by the grass cutter. It had deep slash wounds but they were not deep enough to actually cause it to leak. The black colour faded somewhat but it remained intact. I always made sure it was kept clean and dry all the time. Then Mr Bin moved with me to S Alam. After 4 years it got stolen! I wonder who actually fell in love with 20 yr old Mr Bin.

After that I had my dust bins stolen every now and again. After Mr Bin I had one that got stolen after a few months, despite me having painted our address on it . The next one had my son's paintwork -address and what u call it? tengkorak! Cant remember the English name! No that did not last very long either - just another few months. So we were without a dustbin again. Finally my friend gave me a big plastic tempayan with a cover but with a big slash on its side. We thought no one would even want to take a second look . But after hardly a month it went walkies again!

So I am back to square one! Dustbinless! I even lodged a police report after the third bin was stolen!
I am hoping to get one that can be cemented to the ground . Until then I have to take my rubbish bag to the main dumping area - otherwise the strays will have a go at tearing the plastic bags apart. Sigh!

Friday, 25-Apr-2008 01:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
After the walk ...contd

SIRIM at 7.35 am
Island in the lake
Galeri S A Shamal's wedding venue
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I hope my earlier entry goes through as I only managed to put insix pix of my long list.Some more pix here.

Tuesday, 22-Apr-2008 14:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dont know its name?
Jarum Mas
white version
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I'm still looking at old photos and hope to share them here from time to time. Mean while here are some pix from my garden.

The one that I do not know its name is yellow in the morning, darkens in colour as the day wears on and drops off by evening as reddish brown.

The Jarum Mas is believed to have medicinal value. The original plant has long gone, but i have just replanted it recently.

The next two in two colours grow quite easily. Both are planted in front of the house.The red version was dug out ( stolen ), but the kind thief left some to 'regenerate' itself.

The white frondy sort is the pekan - yes after which the boy in Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup was named!

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